Your website is likely going to be the first impression customers have of your business. These are the web design trends that will help you stand out in 2018.

Web design is one of the most innovative industries. Experts find ways to improve web design. There are always ways to make websites load faster, to create user-friendly website layouts, and better optimize a website for mobile.

Any digital marketer knows there are web design trends for each year. In 2017, we saw a lot of innovations.

Mobile websites became close to perfect, the landing page-only layout, and rich backgrounds. Now we’re in 2018, how will the web design world change?

Don’t let your website succumb to previous years’ trends. Keep reading and learn the 3 website trends of 2018.

1. Drop Shadows and Depth

There’s no need to use flat designs. Using shadows and depth are easy ways to make your website look like a work of art.

Shadows and depth are usually applied to the background image; the focus subject is positioned in an area of depth, surrounded by highlights and shadows.

This technique makes your website look like it’s in another world.

2018 starts new shadow and depth innovations. It’s easier to achieve this look, and web designers are ready to start utilizing shadow and depth in their unique artwork.

Since more websites can feature these elements, this will become one of the biggest web design trends.

2. Vibrant Color

Gone are the minimalist websites. Today, more websites are using vibrant colors and intricate works of art. Bright colors combine with hard and slashing designs to create revolutionary websites.

Why are bright colors becoming trendy now? This is due to the technological increase in monitors. Our computers and smartphones are able to recognize rich colors, so designers have more reason to use vivid colors.

What if your website is in a professional industry and you only use web-safe colors and designs?

Don’t think the overly saturated websites are for artsy and millennial brands. Professional brands can utilize bright colors in a way that looks sleek.

3. Particle Backgrounds

Particle backgrounds are websites with videos as the background. With modern technology, videos can serve as a website background and page loads are still fast.

But video backgrounds can contribute to slow load times and resolution issues.

This is why more companies are using particle backgrounds instead of video backgrounds. Particle backgrounds use moving images or animation.

Particle backgrounds are amazing because they create a memorable image for website visitors. Because particle backgrounds enhance company creativity, this type of design serves as an important lead.

Follow These Web Design Trends in 2018

Every year, websites become more user-friendly and exceed the barriers of design. Thanks to web creation technology, our computers and phones can view a myriad of website design features.

2018 is bringing on intricate design with the optimum user experience. All of these factors are mobile-optimized. Simplistic and one-page designs have been the trend, but 2018 is pushing the boundaries of creativity.

No matter what kind of website you host, you have limitless options to make an individualistic website.

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