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Full-Service Website Provider

Your website depends on a lot of pieces working together to run smoothly. That’s why we offer everything you need under one roof.

Website Hosting in Wichita

We take the stress off your shoulders by managing your website hosting, maintenance, domain registrations, and more.

Tailored Web Hosting Solutions

Our general experience with local IT companies has revealed dated equipment, overcrowded and slow machines, and unresponsive support. We think you deserve better and that’s why we’ve built custom hosting solutions for individual clients, as well as cost-efficient hosting options for businesses of all sizes. Our bleeding-edge network of equipment now stretches across 9 states and 5 countries to ensure your clients have quick access to your content – no matter where they are in the world.

Is your website getting bogged down by other customers sharing the same server? All of our web hosting clients get their own server instances with dedicated resources. We’ve also built our own solution entirely dedicated to maximizing the WordPress experience. Not sure what hosting option is best for you? Contact us for a free evaluation!

We currently do not offer colocation space to tenants with their own equipment.

24/7 Website Monitoring

We monitor your site around the clock and dispatch help immediately if there’s ever an issue.

Responsive On-Demand Support

Need quick help or content posted? We’re on it quickly – our average response time is 15 minutes.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We’ll handle all of your maintenance on your behalf. All your plugin updates, website troubleshooting, and more are handled automatically.

Dedicated Server Resources

No more shared hosting hassles or headaches from other customers causing issues or slowing down your website.

Proactive Security Scans

We scan for vulnerabilities, malware, and bad actors at regular intervals to keep you safe.

Flexible & Nimble

Our web hosting is perfect for small businesses focused on SEO but flexible enough to scale quickly when needed.

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