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Content Marketing

Content is what brings customers to your website. We help you craft engaging content that differentiates your business from others and helps answer search queries.

Become Wichita’s Go-To Expert in Your Niche

When potential clients know you’re the expert, they’ll buy with you.

Reciprocity = Conversions

Your potential clients are searching for answers to basic questions related to your services, and search engines make money by helping those users find answers quickly. Content marketing is simply the art of continually craft fresh content to help address those questions quickly, which earns trust from both the potential client and the search engine, ultimately winning you more customers.

Does this mean writing blog articles? It could be, but don’t limit yourself to boring content of no value, and definitely don’t create articles because you have to. It could be amazing videos, it could be a podcast, it could be helpful downloadable guides. The point is to simply help your potential clients with the problems they are facing now. Those leads will thank you later with their business, and search engines will reward you with boosted rankings as an expert in your field. Put simply, valuable content builds trust.

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Fresh Content

Posting valuable content to your site regularly is the best way to drive leads to your business. Our content is written to address the questions your potential clients are asking in a way that is both helpful and professional.

Become a Go-to Resource

Our content is designed to help differentiate you from competitors but it’s also exactly what the search engines want to deliver to users.

Engage Users

Great content is fun but it doesn’t do you any good unless it also converts visitors into customers.

Lower Bounce Rate

If users don’t find value in your content they leave (bounce) which search engines won’t promote and recommend to others. This is why we focus heavily on your customer’s experience via great content.

Increase Time On Site

When website visitors love your content, they tend to stick around and spend more time checking out your other content, products, and services.

Strategy-First Approach

We go into your campaign with an entire strategy mapped out in advance. This ensures you always know exactly what we’re working on and so you can hold us accountable.

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