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Over half of all web traffic, today originates from a mobile device. You no longer have the luxury of deciding whether or not your website works well, or whether it’s work the expenditure of designing for mobile. Luckily, all our websites are mobile-friendly and work great on all devices.

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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

In today’s age of everyone using cell phones and tablets, it’s no surprise that more and more traffic on websites originates from mobile devices, and that trend is here to stay. It’s also worth noting that most users will go with a competitor if your website isn’t working on their device before they will change devices. It’s absolutely imperative the path your potentials clients take to becoming a paying customer works on any device.

All our websites are designed to look and run great on any device, and more importantly, run fast! We constantly evolve our testing techniques to keep up with the latest in design standards and trends to assure your website meets the expectations and needs of your clients. Also worth noting is that Google uses this as a factor when determining where your website will fall in search rankings. If it’s on their radar, it needs to be on yours.

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