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Online Review Management

Negative reviews suck. Eventually, every business will have to deal with negative reviews, including us – even if they’re fake. You don’t have to go it alone. We’ll respond to reviews on your behalf, as well as help you avoid negative reviews by stepping in with upset customers.

Wichita’s Reputation Management Experts

Positive reviews can help boost your sales, but negative reviews and fake smear campaigns can also sting.

Put Your Best Foot Foward

Most small businesses don’t realize the sheer marketing power their reviews can leverage for their business. Think of each online review as a testimonial or recommendation for others regarding your product or services. More importantly, Google weighs your reviews quite heavily when determining where your website appears in search results.

We’ll help you garner more honest reviews from clients as well as help you minimize negative reviews by intervening and redirecting upset clients to someone who can help resolve the situation quickly.

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Get More Reviews

Getting happy clients to leave you a review can be difficult, and asking for reviews can feel awkward. Let us take the pressure off by implementing an automated review process across your marketing channels to help make it simple for clients to leave honest feedback for others.

Spread the Word

Positive reviews really help you when they are seen. By helping potential clients see the feedback you’ve earned from others, their decision making process will become much simpler.

Reviews Back Under Control

Negative reviews can sting, but how you respond is critical. We’ll implement new mechanisms designed to intervene before clients leave public feedback, and we’ll help you craft expertly written responses to help minimize damage from unhappy clients.

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