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The global rise in the number of internet users has made it an attractive place for small and medium-sized businesses to market their products and services and attract their potential customers.

However, for small and medium-sized businesses, online success does not happen overnight. You can have a well-sounding marketing plan but still fall short of your goals to attract traffic and quality leads to your site.

There is also a consideration for your Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing campaign that should be made. Your marketing budget should not be eating into your profits if you ever want to turn a profit on your online business. All these factors might contribute to a business failing to meet its goals and end up collapsing.

If you find yourself ticking all the boxes of a good marketing campaign and still not producing the results you desire, then maybe it’s time to consider implementing a marketing software for your campaigns. In this article, we are going to look at 10 software that can help you get quality leads and traffic within a short time. Most of these software discussed in this article are also either free or very cheap for your small and medium-sized business.

  1. Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a completely free tool, which if combined with Google Search Console, another free tool from Google, can help you gain valuable insights into the type of users that are visiting your website and how they engage with it.

    With Google Analytics, you will be able to determine how many users visited your site, which day they visited and you can also be able to see tabulated statistics of your users’ behavior. You will also gain insight into which sites your visitors are coming from, including being able to determine if your users are coming to your site directly by typing your domain name or being referred to your site through social media and advertisements.

    Another important insight that you will be able to gain from using Google analytics is the demographics of your users such as age, gender and where they live. This information is important for marketers, as they can use it to optimize their content, products and services to better serve the demographics that are more interested in their products.

    Insight into which keywords are bringing the most traffic to your site can also be very helpful in helping you determine your most popular content, which you can then use to adjust your content to meet the demand.


  2. HootSuite for social media

    In today’s world, having a social media presence is a must for businesses looking to attract clients and quality leads to their site. However, there are 10s of social media platforms and it can become hectic for small and medium-sized businesses to manage all their social media accounts. That is why you need automation software such as HootSuite to manage your social media platform for marketing purposes.

    You can also schedule content, identify key marketing hashtags and plan your social media content easily on this tool.


  3. Mailchimp email marketing

    Email marketing is a part and parcel of digital marketing, and any business looking to succeed in cyberspace has to implement some form of email marketing strategy.

    This is why knowing the right tools for your marketing campaign is important. For long, Mailchimp has remained as one of the most efficient email marketing software that helps marketers capture emails from their users, create different mailing lists, design emails to be sent out, send emails automatically, scheduling emails and analyzing the engagements of your emails.

    For small and medium-sized businesses, Mailchimp is an ideal choice because it offers a free tier service, where you can have up to 2,000 subscribers for your mailing list, offering all the services that your small business might need in managing your email marketing campaign.


  4. HubSpot

    Small medium-sized businesses looking for all-in-one marketing software should consider Hubspot for their marketing needs.

    The software offers solutions that help your business optimize your ROI while still being able to maximize your marketing strategy that attracts more leads and potential clients to your site. It also offers other services such as email marketing, landing pages, content optimizations, analytics and social media management.

    With a Hubspot account, you have the option to switch from an inbound marketing strategy to a complete CRM platform for both their free and paid versions. Small and medium-sized businesses can also make use of their pricing flexibility, which allows users to choose options they can afford. You can also get started easily with their free and basic packages, making Hubspot one of the cheapest freemium software available for small businesses digital marketers.


  5. Freshsales

    With plans starting at $19, Freshsales is a cheap alternative for small and medium-sized businesses looking to automate their marketing strategies such as CRMs and Email marketing.

    Freshsales also comes with an integrated email management system that can both be used by your business internally for official business communications and externally for your clients. You will also be able to do follow-ups emails and set up webinars for your products from within the platform.


Digital marketing can certainly feel overwhelming but know that you’re not alone. Partnering with an experienced website company can help protect you and provide the best experience for your users. Contact us today for a free digital marketing consultation