As a budget-conscious business you may have looked into cheap website design options. We’ll explain how this could actually hurt your SEO and your business.

For small businesses, being budget-conscious at every corner is an absolute must. But if you’ve thought about going with a cheap website design for your company, think again.

Web designers and developers that are not well-educated on how their work can affect a business’ SEO will only end up hurting you in the long run. In many cases, designs that may look pleasing to the eye can actually drive your SEO down.

Wondering how this happens, exactly? You’re in the right place!

Keep reading to learn how cheap website design can hurt your SEO, and what to look out for to avoid this.

Graphics Can Cause Trouble

Is your website developer suggesting some eye-catching graphics to jazz up your business’ vibe? Or are you considering a new logo that’s artsy, large, and in charge?

No matter how nice these graphic-heavy sites may look to the eye, they’ll get totally lost in the SEO shuffle. Especially if they include text in images, which search engines cannot process as words.

Plain old HTML script is always best for your SEO purposes. And don’t worry, a good web developer will make it look beautiful!

Watch Out for the Scroll

Ever heard of “infinite scroll”? It’s a website’s capacity to load infinite amounts of information as an internet users scrolls down its contents.

Why does it matter for SEO purposes?

Web crawlers, which are bots that automatically browse the web and collect data, aren’t designed to scroll. So, for example, if the crawler can only “see” 10 of your website’s blog posts, it will only provide search engine feedback on those 10.

Cheap web design companies may not have this information and will provide you with infinite scroll because it looks sleek, therefore hurting your SEO progress.

Cheap Website Design Isn’t Mobile Friendly

Cheap website design companies may deliver you with a site that looks nice on a laptop screen- but isn’t mobile friendly. And these days, being mobile friendly is extremely important.

Many people research products and services on the go. To generate more sales and leads, make sure that you hire a designer who can create a mobile-friendly product.

Speed Matters

Cheap-o web developers may not know that the faster your website is to load, the better. In fact, Google awards those who have expedient pages with better SEO results.

Why? Because when you have a “heavy” website, it’s difficult for search engines’ crawlers to properly index them. And that’s not good for anyone!

The size of the media on your site, images, banners, and all of your general content will affect its speed. Using a trustworthy and thorough web designer will ensure that your website is running at the optimal speed.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, from graphics and speed to scrolling and mobile capabilities, there are many aspects of web design that can greatly affect your business’ SEO results. And, unfortunately, cheap website design can steer your site in the wrong direction.

To avoid this, make sure that you hire a reputable web design company with across-the-board knowledge. It’s worth it!

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