Social media management can take a ton of time and resources. But if it’s not bringing you any leads, it’s a waste. Here are 5 traffic generation tips you need.

Successful social media channels can do a lot for a company. Having a great social media presence can give your company sales, web traffic, and gaining leads.

However, directing an audience to your social media is rough. It’s likely your competitors have social media channels, and it’s difficult to appear unique or more credible.

If you want to increase traffic generation skills with your social media, read these 5 helpful tips. 1. Traffic Generation with Each Social Network

You can boost shares, likes, and comments with Facebook SEO. And you can boost hashtagging, tagging, and re-tweeting with Twittter SEO. Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest all have their own SEO standards.

Learn about each social network and how each network gives you the best traffic generation. Pay attention to your analytics and see which posts do the best.

2. Write Compelling Social Scripts for Each Social Network

Understanding each social media channel is key to boost traffic generation for all of them; this includes your social script.

It’s important to write a social script based on each channel. For example, your social script on Instagram will be short and filled with hashtags. Your social script on LinkedIn will be more descriptive, well-written, and contains no hashtags.

3. Keep Your Influencers Close

There are online authority figures in every industry or niche. There’s a reason why people and brands become internet celebrities: everyone cares about them.

Follow your audience’s influencers for multiple reasons. Try and emulate their posts, especially if it gains a lot of attention.

This is also a way for you to discover trending topics, hashtags, and other influencers or connections in your niche.

Don’t forget about influencers in your local area. Follow their accounts and become active in local promotion.

4. Write Keyword-Rich Social Scripts

Keywords generate more traffic. It’s common sense: but how do you utilize keywords for social media?

Utilizing keywords for Twitter and Instagram is easy: hashtags. But don’t forget about Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Using the actual ‘hashtag’ isn’t as popular, but your keywords can come up in the searches for these social platforms. Find the best keywords for your niche or post and sprinkle them in the description of your post.

YouTube tip: the terms you use in the ‘tags’ section should be sprinkled throughout your video description.

5. Become an Authoritative Figure

You’ve probably been on a social media page and noticed a lot of spam or irrelevant posts.

If you want to market your brand on social media, you need to be smart about it. Develop great social media marketing skills that are spam-free.

Actively participate in all major social media accounts and develop a company website.

Even if you don’t become an authoritative figure immediately, these social media best practices will make you look credible.

Start Increasing Traffic On Your Social Media

Following this simple advice will increase the traffic generation on your social media. Whether your goal is to increase your traffic or go viral, these tips will help you gain an audience.

If you need help increasing your social media marketing and branding, contact us and we can help.

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