Today, even if you’re local if you’re not on the internet, you won’t survive.

But even if you are on the internet, you won’t get found if you aren’t ranking.

Which brings us to local SEO. Ranking in local search takes a bit of foreknowledge. And before you can consider yourself a local SEO expert, you have to gain the right skills.

In the next few paragraphs, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know for local SEO success.

1. To Become a Local SEO Expert Know How to Research Local Keyword Ideas

It’s never a good idea to start on SEO without keyword research. Not everyone in the industry would agree.

And, yes, there are hundreds of other signals Google takes into account.

But Google needs a way to know if your content matches a search string. And it still uses keywords in some form or another.

Pick the keywords that work for you and make them fit with your location keywords.

And while this might seem like a lot of work, there are one and a dozen keyword tools and planners out there. Make use of them.

2. Learn About Geo-specific Ranking Tracking

You need to know where your site ranks within your target locations.

Last year, Google got rid of their search tool that gave users the power to change their geo-location when performing a search.

This broke the rank checking tools. And it was a disaster for local SEO.

But you can hack Chrome to change your GEO location and check your SERPs from a certain location.

Amit Agarwal of the Digital Inspirations blog actually figured it out.

So, use this hack along with ranking tools to figure out your Geo-specific ranking and become a local SEO expert.

3. Know Where You Rank in Google Maps and the 3-Pack

Not only do you need to know where you rank geo-specifically, but you need to know where you rank in Google Maps.

Google uses a 3-pack method to ranking. And if you aren’t in the top three, you don’t show up unless someone taps on the “More places” button.

There are several tools out there for the savvy local SEO expert. And you can automate the absurdly tedious local rank checking procedure.

4. Know Your Image and Video Rankings

One of the best ways to get people’s attention is through video. But how do you track your video search engine optimization efforts?

Most local businesses don’t take advantage of video period.

But if you have video, you’re already ahead of the crowd.

A lot of times, if you rank a video, you can easily get on the first page of a Google search query. And you can track with several tools

5. Know How to Keep Track of Your Competitors

Your competitors aren’t always your neighbors in the physical world.

With local search and the way Google maps their local search, you need to pay attention to more than just your small town fellows.

Someone in the town right next door might be ranking higher than you.

Make sure you’re paying attention to more than just your physical competitors.

There’s Always More

To become a local SEO expert, you have to dig deep. There are many layers to ranking in Google’s local SERPs.

If you’re looking to increase your expertise, contact us. We’ll get you ranking higher than anyone.