SEO can be a complex task and outsourcing it can save you time and frustration. Here’s what to ask before before you hire an SEO specialist.

An out-dated SEO strategy is almost like not having one at all. SEO is an ever-changing field, and these constant developments can be difficult for a busy business owner to keep up with.

Outsourcing SEO can help you save a lot of frustration, but you need to ensure you find an SEO specialist you can trust.

Read below for five questions to ask you before you hire a specialist.

1. What Is Your Plan for Our SEO Strategy?

Immediately determine the competency of a potential hire by asking for a proposed SEO strategy.

It is crucial that any specialist you are considering is well-versed in the most up-to-date approaches and knows how to apply them to the specific needs and goals of your business.

A detailed SEO strategy distinguishes the amateurs from the professionals and ensures better results.

2. What Experience Do You Have?

Experience is key in creating an excellent SEO strategy.

SEO is constantly changing, and it is vital your specialist has ample experience launching successful strategies

Prior experience with your competition is actually a good thing. It means that they have knowledge about your product and experience growing traffic in your industry.

3. How Will You Grow Our Rankings?

Be wary of any specialist who guarantees number one rankings  — they often fall short of their marks and leave clients disappointed.

Overly ambitious SEO specialists have left a sour taste in many business owner’s mouths.

A good specialist should have a clear vision for on-page optimization and link-building, a plan for implementation and realistic expectations for results.

Remember, SEO is a long process. It’s best to go with someone who is focused on long-term growth.

4. How Will You Measure and Communicate Growth?

Tracking growth is crucial to determining the overall success of your SEO strategy. Without measurable results, you can’t be sure you are getting a return on your investment.

Communication is crucial to successful SEO.

It is critical to determine how often your specialist will send you reports, what they’ll include and how they plan to incorporate new data they collect into your campaign.

Establishing clear expectations about communication early will help your relationship run smoothly and effectively.

5. What Happens When We Say Goodbye?

It is critical to fully understand the terms of your specialist’s contract.

Ensure your company maintains ownership over all content after the end of the contract terms. Additionally, it’s crucial that your specialist will not change or alter any SEO materials at the end of your contract.

Additionally, take care to make sure that there is a way out of the contract if they aren’t meeting your standards.

Wrapping It Up: Hire an SEO Specialist

Doing your own marketing can be tedious and there is no guarantee you will achieve the desired results. A strong online presence is critical to your success.

No one likes wasting money — ask the right questions and get the right person for the job. At Wichita Designs, we are that right person. Try us today and let’s start shaping your SEO strategy.

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