4 Reasons Why You Need Custom Web Development

Beautiful web design is like air. We notice it most when it’s missing.

When your website works well customers will have a smooth experience. It will guide them to the right information they need about you, your product, or your services.

When your website isn’t properly built, viewing it can quickly put people off.

More than 80% of shoppers now conduct online research before making purchases. Having a website isn’t optional anymore, yet 46% of small businesses still don’t have one. Why?

The main reasons are cost, time, and lack of expertise.

Custom web development does have a price, but it may not be as high as you think.

Having a poor web presence has a much greater cost.

Read on for four reasons why you can and should afford custom web development.

1. You’ll stand out from the crowd

Remember those girls at the prom? You know, the ones who accidentally showed up wearing the same dress? People noticed them, but for the wrong reason. They got noticed because they looked the same.

It’s gotten pretty tempting to create your own site using cheap or free templates, but for most businesses, this is a big mistake.

Every great looking template out there is probably already being used by hundreds, or even thousands, of other businesses. Custom web development for your site will create a unique visual experience for your customers.

This ensures that your business stands out from the rest.

2.  Customers have high web standards

Have you ever clicked on a website that took a long time to load? How long were you willing to wait?

If it took too long you may have given up and gone to the next result on your search list.

Recent research has shown that consumers have increasingly high standards for the web content they use. They want material that’s optimized for mobile devices, doesn’t take too long to load and is visually attractive.

It’s pretty hard to deliver all that by yourself. Using custom web development services will help your website work better and keep your customers where you want them -on your site.

3. Custom web development for search engine optimization

What’s the point of having a great website if people can’t find it?

Your website has to look good, but there is more that needs to happen for it to be visible on the web.

Search engine optimization involves building a site with the proper keywords and coding so that it will come up high on the list when users are using a search engine to find you or your general product.

A professional web developer will not only create a beautiful and user-friendly website for your business but will also build SEO into the site itself. Most templates can’t do that for you.

4. You don’t have time to keep up

What do you think when you land on a business website and see it hasn’t been updated in two or three years?

As a business owner, you might think that’s a good sign. You think the company is so busy doing their thing that they don’t have the time to keep playing with their website.

A customer viewing that unattended site may see it very differently. They may wonder if the pricing information is out of date. They may even wonder if the company still exists.

Keeping your information up to date is important but takes time and expertise. If you don’t have time consider handing that responsibility over to a custom web development company for greatest ROI.

Web Design Trends that Will Increase Conversion Rate

Is your website boring? Does it get lost in the crowd and have low retainment? A boring design isn’t doing you any favors.

In this day and age, you need to stand out from the onslaught of black and white seen by consumers.

Here are some web design trends that you can incorporate or request a designer use on your website.

Web Design Trends

There are many different website design trends that are pulling consumers to engage. Technology is becoming more capable and web design trends capitalize on that.

Some websites use interactive features to engage customers. They have pop-up robots that can help customers navigate the site or ask questions.

Some websites are using videos to do their product descriptions or to show off products.

There is a long list of web design trends. The trend is to do anything that will make the consumer pay attention.

Since consumers are being bombarded with more and more images, we’re going to look at aesthetic trends.

Visual Design Trends

You want someone to look at your website and remember it, not click and go back right? You need a beautiful and streamlined design to do that.

When it comes to aesthetics, we’ll explore two different trends. These trends, especially if used together, will grab your customers attention!

Bold and Bright Colors

Color is where it’s at in 2017! Think about successful brands and their colors. Football teams are the best examples.

Bright colors catch people’s attention. They’re a break from the monotony of white background and black text.

Using bright colors is a trick from psychology. The bright colors activate the eyes and the brain. They activate pleasure sensors and elicit different emotions depending on the color.

Bright colors also help build brand awareness, which is never a bad thing!

Color Sub-Trend

Bright and bold colors are big web design trends, yes. Part of the way that industry leaders are using them is in a gradient style.

People find gradients to be relaxing. When you use a gradient, you’re exciting users and making them feel comfortable at the same time!

Our advice? Try a bright gradient.

Typography Choices

Who knew that your font choice could be something customers cared about? In the past, the idea behind website text was that it was readable and not too crazy.

Now, companies are branching out with their font choices and consumers are noticing.

This web design trend has to do with standing out from the crowd as well. Web design is finally branching out, people have been seeing the same thing for so long.

Two things to remember about this trend:

  • Keep it readable
  • Don’t use cursive fonts, they don’t appeal to millennials.

How to Incorporate

If you’re not quite ready to re-design your entire website, try out these web design trends on one page at a time. A bright landing page will catch customers attention and retain them on your site for longer.

If you’re feeling like its all too much, there are talented web design companies that will help you.

In this digital world, your website can be the first and sometimes only impression people get. Make sure you make it a good one!

Simplifying Your Web Design for Mobile Consumers

In today’s mobile first commercial environment, online business owners and marketers must consider the limitations that smart phones and tablets place on graphic output. There are many standards that have been trending for years that address this concern. Here are some of the stylish ways that you can simplify your web design for mobile consumers.


Flat and Material Design

Flat design is based on vector design, a discipline of digital style that focuses on geometric shapes as the basic objects instead of points. In the hands of a professional, the result is a more cartoonish yet just as striking image as the type of images that could come from a hand-drawn discipline. Because vector shapes create images more quickly, art designs created using flat design take up a fraction of the space of hand-drawn art or point basis art.

Material design is a response to flat design from Google that upgrades the look without increasing the resources used for artwork. Generally speaking, material design is flat design with low capacity and high impact shadowing and depth effects that give a more textured look to flat design artwork. You have definitely seen these designs on all mobile websites and maybe some desktop websites as well, as it has basically been the standard for the past 2 to 3 years.


Card Layout

Another mobile friendly technique that is used by many professional web designers is the card layout design. Because the mobile environment does not easily lend itself to clicking through pages and opening different tabs, the card layout is a layout that places subsections of a website on the same page. Each subsection is usually labeled by an enticing piece of artwork that speaks to the theme of that particular sub page, and in most cases, these pieces of art are material design pieces.

You can find the card layout on many laptop websites that have a mobile component, as the architecture of the layout actually translates well on bigger screens. The current generations of the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation and Xbox also use card layouts for many menu screens.


Big Backgrounds

If you have ever wondered why your laptop screen scrolls in a weird way when you visit certain websites, you are likely on a translated mobile website with a big background. Because the visual space of the mobile environment is substantially smaller than a laptop or desktop, there is usually only room for one image on a landing page. Web designers have taken advantage of this fact rather than allowing it to inhibit their efforts, creating a standard for a single large picture with a white space text overlay that has proven to be very effective at getting people’s attention.

In most cases, these big backgrounds will scroll down into other sections on the same page. This comes from the fact that mobile culture lends itself to scrolling up and down much more easily than side to side.

Your Website: The Window into Your World

Doing business with the modern customer is simple, but you must learn new techniques. The first aspect of business that must be in order is your website. 80% of millennials find new business online, not through friends or personal references. 72% of these people will check to see if a company has a website before making an initial purchase. Numbers don’t lie: Customers are looking for your website, and you need to accommodate them if you want your business to grow.


Your Website is Your New Business Calling Card.

Physical business cards are great if you attend trade shows. For the other 360 days of the year, your website is your business calling card. Although you may not see it, the way that you present your website encourages more people to buy. The question then becomes: How do I create the website that makes people want to buy?


The Window into Your World

Before people buy products, they want to trust the business behind the products. Think of how you act as a consumer: You go back to the companies that make you feel good. Your website is the window that will allow a customer into your world. When people see who you are, they trust you much more.

Many of the features that you put on your website will never even be used by your customers. For instance, what good is your physical address to an online customer? They will not visit your store. However, if they can see your storefront on a Google Business page, they are 50 to 60% more likely to make a purchase. If your business is service based, they are 65% more likely to choose you over a competitor.

Every business marketer suggests to put a phone number on your website prominently. Only a fraction of customers will ever call this number, but simply having one helps people to trust you. People just want to know that they can call you if they need to.


A Great Website Means a Great Company

Does a great website actually mean that the company is great? No, but people think that it does. If you have the technical wherewithal to put together a site, then you have the ability to perform with technical proficiency with your product as well. Think about the last dysfunctional website that you visited: What opinion did you have of those companies as a whole? Did you believe those companies could create a top notch product? They might have the best company out there, but you will never know: The presentation was wrong, so it doesn’t matter.


The Pretty Website

Having a pretty website is not enough. Part of what makes a website feel great is its functionality. Each page on the site should have a purpose and lead the customer down the sales funnel. Customers come to your site looking for a solution and looking to be led. Pick a web design company that can give you a functional website as well as a pretty one.