Reliable Website Management Service

Need a hand with your website? Our dedicated webmasters can help make sure your website shines. They can handle everything, from design changes, to updates and maintenance. Want to rebuild the whole thing and start from scratch? They can do that too.

Meet Your Personal Webmaster

At Wichita Designs there are no support tickets, no waiting on hold. You’ll work directly with the same designer every time and communicate directly with them by phone or personal email. In addition to our top-of-the-line Monthly Maintenance Plan, we also offer web hosting.

Premium Service Means Premium Features

Our service includes everything you’ll need.
dedicated webmaster
Dedicated Webmaster

Get a direct line to your very own webmaster. Working with the same person every time means you won’t need to wait on hold or waste time explaining things. They know your site because they know YOU.

Direct Connect

We hate talking to robots. With Wichita Designs, you’ve got a direct line to your webmaster. If they’re sick or out of town, call our number to talk to a human. We’ll get you the support you need.

responsive communication
Responsive Email Communication

If email is more your thing, you’ll have your webmaster’s direct email address in case you prefer email to phone or think of something good while you’re at a rock concert.

fast response time
Lightening Fast Response Time

Most companies today can’t conduct business without a website. Don’t wait for minor fixes. We work on your schedule, and strive to keep turnaround times low.

wordpress experts
WordPress Experts

Using a WordPress website? We’re the perfect team for you. From design to development we can handle it all.

simple website edits
Simple Editing

Our editor allows you to indicate the changes you want to make with a simple, easy point and click

no contracts
No Contract, No Commitment

Cancel your service and renew whenever you want. We’ll never pressure you to stay and never penalize you if you leave.

no hidden fees
No hidden charges

One time $20 set-up fee, $79 per month. If you want hosting it’s 20 bucks a month. That’s it. Unless you need huge changes or a complete website overhaul, that’s what you’ll pay.

website updates
Healthy Under the Hood

We handle maintenance, updates, spam: All the stuff that your website needs to work but you’re too busy to deal with.

I knew they wanted me to succeed and they designed a website with the future of my business in mind. The results have been remarkable.

Mark S.

Realty Executives

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Frequent Questions

How do I know if I need your service?

The internet is alive. Opportunities and threats are constantly evolving, and your website should reflect that. If you’re too busy to keep your thumb on this aspect of your business, we’re perfect for you.

What if I want a one-time, comprehensive update?

With our service, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. Use us when you need us, don’t when you don’t. Simple.

What happens to my website if my webmaster gets sucked into an alternate universe?

Our team is cross-trained and ready so your website will be too. Call our main line, you won’t wait on hold and we’ll make the changes you want right away.

What are the benefits of custom web hosting?

With traditional web hosting services, if your website is hacked, buggy, or your data is lost, sorry! You’re out of luck. With our custom web hosting, we handle updates, security, backups, and all the things you’ll wish you had the moment you need them.

Where are you located?

Headquartered in beautiful Wichita, Kansas, we operate coast-to-coast, in all 50 states.

Have other questions? We’re here to help.

We’d love to learn more about your specific situation and we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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In just a matter of hours, we can fixing any immediate issues on your website, changing text, posting blog articles, adding new photos and more.

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