• Logo & Branding

  • Custom Packaging

  • Custom Website

  • Product Photography

  • On-Location Photography

  • Store Location Finder

  • GPS & Location Integration

  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart

  • Real-time Website Visitor Interaction

  • Abandoned Cart Reminders

  • Social Media Integration

  • Point of Sale Integration

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Marketing Materials for Potential Investors

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Blog Copywriting

Who They Are

The No Bake Cafe is a vibrant young startup headquartered in Wichita, KS, who specializes in delicious non-baked items, but is most famous for their line of edible cookie dough.

The No Bake Cafe had already successfully launched a single brick and mortar location in the College Hill neighborhood of Wichita, and with thousands of loyal customers, the business owners were looking for help bringing their tasty selection of items to even more customers across the country.

Right from the beginning, we knew we’d be facing some stiff competition, even locally, so we knew we had to stand out from the crowd. We, unfortunately, discovered early on that the team they trusted to design a quick logo for their business had been used without permission from another artist. The design was also very similar to other brands, so we recommended entirely overhauling the brand image to better fit with the company’s story, products, and to stand out from the competition.

The No Bake Cafe is known for bold flavors not found with the competition, such as Cotton Candy Unicorn, so we wanted their brand to really speak to the uniqueness of their flavors while still evoking childhood memories of making cookie dough with the family. Their core customer base was mainly comprised of millennials, but we knew that once we embarked on a national campaign we’d need a clean identity that would still connect with the young and old alike.

We also discovered the brand was inconsistently used throughout the company, creating opportunities for confusion with consumers, so we helped the business with new packaging for their products.

To help jumpstart the company’s growth, we connected the client with our network of partners for new display signage to give the brick and mortar location a cohesive appearance inside and out. We also crafted marketing materials specifically targeting investors and real estate developers.

With the branding out of the way, we moved on to creating a stunning website focused on helping potential consumers browse their different flavors, learn more about the brand story, and find a location with a custom store finder which automatically displayed locations based on the user’s actual location.

To help their product lineup really shine, we brought in samples of each of their flavors for a custom photo shoot. This proved to be a challenge, as most food-related photography is, but luckily we have quite a bit of experience plating and shooting similar products for other clients, like Felipe’s Mexican Restaurants.

If professional photos weren’t enough to get potential buyers clicking, our expert copywriters then got to work crafting mouth-watering descriptions for each flavor to really capture the essence of what each product embodied and persuade potential buyers to place the item in their shopping cart. To this point, the business had simply been describing each flavor as a list of ingredients and we knew this was a missed opportunity to further tell The No Bake Cafe’s story.

We used a custom shopping cart, to allow potential buyers to interact with each in real time. Buyers can see what other customers are purchasing in real time, building trust and social proof. Customers can also share their purchases with others on social media, helping the brand reach even more potential buyers.

We also implemented a content management system which allowed easy updates to website content from any internet-connected device, including the update of product information and pricing.

The brick and mortar location had recently implemented a new point of purchase systems to facilitate in-person payments, so we also integrated the store with that system which provided the ability to update and track inventory in real time, as well as the opportunity to fulfill web orders from any of their locations, helping to reduce shipping costs by processing orders at the closest location to the buyer.