We’ll show you how to turn your website from an expense to a valuable asset.

Your website’s main job is to allure visitors, keep them engaged, and then ultimately to convert them to leads – otherwise what’s the point?

That’s where we come in.

Wichita Designs has been Wichita’s go-to source for custom website design, consulting and marketing for over a decade. We’ve helped businesses large and small achieve their digital marketing goals and significantly boost revenue.

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What to expect when working with our Wichita web design team:

boost site traffic

Boost site traffic

We work with you to understand your target market and your business philosophy, and we translate those thoughts into a full online experience for your customers.

Keep users engaged

Keep users engaged

If you are sending traffic to a site that isn’t optimized specifically for your target customer you’re wasting money. We keep visitors engaged with fresh and engaging content.

Increase conversion rate

Convert visitors to customers/leads

We’ll help you form a strategy that will consistently entice site visitors to become customers based on solid research and experience.

No matter the type of business you have, we can help increase your revenue by putting our proven web design process to work:

Step 1: Establish a game plan

Just as you wouldn’t operate your business without a carefully planned strategy, a website design also needs to be expertly crafted to ensure results. That’s why we meet with you several times to learn everything we can about your business, customers, and even your competition.

Based on what we have discovered we then form a well-thought plan with a simple purpose: to connect the dots between your business and your customers.

The strategy we provide contains everything from improvement guidance, ways to allure your ideal customers to the site, as well as recommendations for persuasive content elements to encourage site visitors to convert customers or leads.

Step 2: Make it happen

When you partner with Wichita Designs to enact your web strategy, we’ll oversee your entire project to ensure success with our top-notch standards.

We provide everything you need:

  • Brilliant design/user friendly experience specifically tailored to your audience.
  • Keyword research. We find your optimal keyword combination based on real search volume to help your business be found quickly.
  • Pages designed to convert your site visitors to customers or leads.
  • Professional copywriting designed to increase your search engine rankings and help with conversion rates.
  • Ongoing digital marketing helps your specific audience find your business and bring them to your website.

I knew Wichita Designs wanted me to succeed and they designed a website with the future of my business in mind. The results have been remarkable.

Mark Sudduth

Realty Executives – Sudduth Realty & Auction

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Is our Wichita web design service right for your business? Our most common questions:

Q: Could you just send us a fast quote?

Any serious web design business with a legitimate interest in helping your business succeed should get to know your business first and only then be able to provide you with a strategy and estimate. We always begin with multiple discovery meetings, followed by a strategy presentation with a super-detailed estimate and turn around expectations for delivery.

Q: Can we just tell you what our website needs and have you build it?

There are a ton of web design companies that handle this type of job – we’re not one of them. We provide the game plan behind the design as a foundation and only then the top-notch design to back it up. Only then can we assure your success.

Q: Could you provide us with other services besides website design and strategy?

Absolutely, we provide logo and branding services for our Wichita web design clients. In some instances we’ll handle logo and branding a la carte, but generally these are part of larger projects.

Q: Can you handle our Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes, this is paramount to the success of most websites. To perform at its best, your website needs targeted traffic before you even start converting those visitors to customers or leads.

After completing our initial series of discovery meetings, we’ll provide you with the best strategy recommendations including SEO campaigns. It’s not for everyone and there are instances where perhaps an email campaign or social media ads will provide better results. The key is discovering what will work best for your specific audience.

Q: Could you just provide us with the consultation?

Absolutely! We provide several discovery meetings with an expert that will ask all the right questions about your business and customers to help discovery your real needs and areas of opportunity. Then we’ll provide you detailed analysis and strategy. Our strategy will help you identify more about your customers, what needs to be done to drive them to your website, and most importantly – what needs to be done to convince them to conduct business with you.



You know your business and we know ours. We don’t expect you to know how a careful web design strategy and digital marketing can help with your business goals, but we’ll show you. We want to be your trusted partner that helps you succeed.

In a short amount of time, we’ll learn all we need to know about your business and that’s when we move on to deep-level research, strategy and careful planning. We go out and look at what is working for other businesses (and competitors) and identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

Our strategy will include identifying any areas of opportunity like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, user experience and content changes. We’ll show you what will be most effective for your specific business.

Our mission is to find the ideal strategy that combines the most results and most value. So rather than just “redesigning” your website, social media, or SEO we look at the big picture.

After we agree on a course of action we generally start with your website first. There isn’t much point sending visitors to your site if it’s broken, unattractive or just won’t generate the results you are after.

After everyone is happy with your website, we’ll tackle all of the other items in the strategy.

If you prefer to be more hands-on and just want someone to help provide guidance with your online marketing, we can also help you just build that strategy. Most clients work with us on the execution as well, but if you are only interested in our strategy services, no problem.

The best part about our Wichita web design agency is that our team won’t just sit back and let things happen. Our focus on tangible results means we’re always looking for ways to improve your online strategy and make your business more profitable.



Search engine optimization (SEO)

Our marketing experts can uncover the search terms that your clients are actually using to search for business similar to yours, optimize your website to use those search terms, provide monitoring and make adjustments as needed. SEO is the one of the most important marketing techniques for your company to utilize.

Social media marketing and integration

Not all social media platforms are right for every business, but we’ll help you select those which will be most effective and provide you with guidance to properly maintain and make the most of them.

Pay-per-click advertising

We can help you build a paid search campaign that helps you control your ad cost, compare the effectiveness of ad copy and optimize the pages you are driving traffic to.


Content strategy

To drive traffic to your website, we’ll work with you to write and publish content which your potential customers actually desire and need. You’ll get more visitors, more leads and more sales.


With a network of writers at our fingertips, we can help take the stress out of creating content. We’ll provide your website with a constant supply of quality content that speaks to your brand and helps you achieve your goals.


User experience (UX) design

If your website isn’t delivering the results or sales you are after, there may be a problem with the design at a fundamental level. Great design based on years of user research helps your website visitors find and do business with you.


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