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Who They Are

Heartland Cardiology is physician ran business based in Wichita, Kansas, who has always had a special place in our hearts due to their heavy emphasis on patient care before all else and eagerness to bring the latest medical technology to central Kansas.

Heartland Cardiology isn’t ‘hospital owned’ like a lot of cardiology practices, so they can essentially set their own rules and operate by a higher standard of ethics. We like to say they got their untraditional business approach from us. 😉

We’ve worked with Heartland Cardiology for many years, and when they came to us in 2018 to revamp the website to remain competitive we instantly jumped on board.

Heartland Cardiology, like many businesses in the healthcare industry, faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to marketing. To name a few, compliance with strict regulations regarding privacy, catering to a very diverse audience, and making it’s marketing pieces easy to use by an increasingly older demographic.

Having worked on several websites and marketing campaigns in for various clinics, we’re well versed on the privacy regulations and our web hosting partners and internal hosting undergo regular audits to remain HIPPA compliant.

Implementing easy translation tools directly into the website allows us to reach a large population of non-English speakers, and specific features for the elderly helped us overcome most obstacles on their website.

As a physician, your primary problem is lack of time. In a single day, a physician at Heartland Cardiology may see close to 100 patients. This meant we had to be strategic about using their time wisely, keeping business interruptions to a bare minimum. With our network of photographers and in-house photography team, we were even able to arrange before and after hour photoshoots for physicians, and in-studio shots for mid-level providers at the Wichita Designs office.

Because their team of physicians operates out of several different locations across Wichita on any given day, it’s nearly impossible to have their team at a single location at once. When Heartland Cardiology requested a group photo of their physicians, this posed a unique challenge. We were able to still pull this off for our client by compositing multiple portraits into one large group photo in a way that still comes across as natural and professional, saving many hours of their time. This also allows us to add to their ‘group’ photo without requiring everyone to get together again.

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working on several marketing campaigns for Heartland Cardiology featured in both the Wichita Eagle and the Wichita Business Journal.