Is your website boring? Does it get lost in the crowd and have low retainment? A boring design isn’t doing you any favors.

In this day and age, you need to stand out from the onslaught of black and white seen by consumers.

Here are some web design trends that you can incorporate or request a designer use on your website.

Web Design Trends

There are many different website design trends that are pulling consumers to engage. Technology is becoming more capable and web design trends capitalize on that.

Some websites use interactive features to engage customers. They have pop-up robots that can help customers navigate the site or ask questions.

Some websites are using videos to do their product descriptions or to show off products.

There is a long list of web design trends. The trend is to do anything that will make the consumer pay attention.

Since consumers are being bombarded with more and more images, we’re going to look at aesthetic trends.

Visual Design Trends

You want someone to look at your website and remember it, not click and go back right? You need a beautiful and streamlined design to do that.

When it comes to aesthetics, we’ll explore two different trends. These trends, especially if used together, will grab your customers attention!

Bold and Bright Colors

Color is where it’s at in 2017! Think about successful brands and their colors. Football teams are the best examples.

Bright colors catch people’s attention. They’re a break from the monotony of white background and black text.

Using bright colors is a trick from psychology. The bright colors activate the eyes and the brain. They activate pleasure sensors and elicit different emotions depending on the color.

Bright colors also help build brand awareness, which is never a bad thing!

Color Sub-Trend

Bright and bold colors are big web design trends, yes. Part of the way that industry leaders are using them is in a gradient style.

People find gradients to be relaxing. When you use a gradient, you’re exciting users and making them feel comfortable at the same time!

Our advice? Try a bright gradient.

Typography Choices

Who knew that your font choice could be something customers cared about? In the past, the idea behind website text was that it was readable and not too crazy.

Now, companies are branching out with their font choices and consumers are noticing.

This web design trend has to do with standing out from the crowd as well. Web design is finally branching out, people have been seeing the same thing for so long.

Two things to remember about this trend:

  • Keep it readable
  • Don’t use cursive fonts, they don’t appeal to millennials.

How to Incorporate

If you’re not quite ready to re-design your entire website, try out these web design trends on one page at a time. A bright landing page will catch customers attention and retain them on your site for longer.

If you’re feeling like its all too much, there are talented web design companies that will help you.

In this digital world, your website can be the first and sometimes only impression people get. Make sure you make it a good one!

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