This is a total game changer for us. We’ve never had results like these.

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Digital Marketing Company in Wichita For Best Real World Results.

Imagine if your business were getting 5 leads per day instead of only 2. What would it mean for you?

We get it, you have don’t have the time to learn the technical stuff — you just want results!

But how do you decide what tactics are right for you when there is so much noise and change in the industry, and so many ‘experts’ offering different advice?

Many small business owners face the same frustrating marketing obstacles today:

You want to increase your revenue… BUT

  • Your current ways of advertising are no longer effective
  • You experimented with Adwords and it was just too expensive
  • You have trouble keeping up with the constant Google updates
  • You’re nervous about staying relevant in a fast-changing marketing landscape
  • With all the advice out there — who do you trust?

Wichita Designs makes digital marketing more profitable for your business.

The old methods of online marketing no longer work. What might work well for one business may not produce results for yours. This is usually the reason the majority of online advertising and SEO companies deliver mediocre results at most, often losing money for business owners.

The online marketing realm has undergone massive changes recently and the rate of change can feel overwhelming.

Consider us your dedicated marketing team and long term partner. When Google updates their ever-evolving search algorithms, or when there are new SEO strategies to take advantage of, we’ll keep you up to date.

Attract your ideal leads with smarter search marketing

Our goal is to put your business in front of the right people when they’re searching for your products or services.

This process of reaching your target audience when they’re searching is known as search engine optimization or SEO. Be careful though because old SEO tactics are dead in the water.

What worked even a few months ago no longer works today.

We’ll build a strong digital footprint for your brand and send just the right cues to Google so they know you’re the real deal… this way you show up in the right places and at the right time in search engines.

No only do we help drive more traffic to your site, we also make sure that your pages are properly optimized to convert the visitors that do land on your website into paying customers.

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