Having a website is incredibly important for any business.

The website is the new business card. From web design firms to mom-and-pop grocery stores, a website is the best way to introduce your company to potential customers and communicate new information.

But if your website’s user experience isn’t positive, your website might be doing more harm than good.

Best tips to improve user experience

Have you ever visited a company’s website that raised more questions than it answered? The design was hard to read, the links were broken, and there was no relevant information.

1. Don’t be afraid of empty space

A lot of business owners feel like they need to use every inch of available space.

This can put a huge detriment to the user experience. Nothing turns users away like clutter.

Instead, leave plenty of empty space on your web pages. This will give your website a sleek appearance. Plus, users will be able to find relevant information more easily.

2. Choose better colors

Color can have a huge effect on user experience. We have been culturally trained to assign certain attributes to different colors.

What sort of mood are you trying assign to your business? Think about this when you choose colors for your website. Also, because computer screens work differently than printed color, certain color combinations will have a harsh effect on a user’s vision.

Choosing attractive colors is one of the easiest ways to improve the user experience.

3. Get rid of broken links

Everyone hates broken links. They rob your website of legitimacy, and they are annoying.

If a user is looking for information on your website and keeps finding broken links to 404 errors, there’s a good chance they’re going to take their questions elsewhere.

Instead of checking every link, there are a number of free web tools you can use, such as this one.

4. Make your website responsive

Most internet users these days browse the internet with their mobile device.

If your company’s website isn’t set up to be mobile-friendly, it can cause you to lose traffic. No one likes navigating a full-size web page on their mobile phone. Making your site mobile-friendly doesn’t only improve user experience. Because search engines prefer responsive websites, it also improves your SEO.This will increase traffic to your site, attracting more potential customers.

This will increase traffic to your site, attracting more potential customers.

5. Get up to speed

How fast is your website?

In the world wide web, faster is better. No one likes waiting for a website to load. It may seem obvious, but increasing your website’s server speed is one of easiest ways to improve user experience.

6. Make information easy to find

One of the quickest ways to give your users a bad experience is to hide relevant information.

Where are your hours listed on your website? How easy is it to find an email address? How quickly can they find your location? Put important information everywhere. Include a Contact or Subscribe button on every page. Put contact information in your header.

After all, your customers won’t call you if they don’t know how to call you.

7. Keep it consistent!

Have you ever visited a website where every web page looked like it was from a different company?

That’s confusing, tacky, and it hurts the user experience. Stick with your color scheme. Don’t introduce new fonts on every page.

Stay on brand. After all, your website is your calling card. It shouldn’t be sending mixed signals.

In conclusion

Maybe you know you need to give your website an overhaul, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry.

Here at Swebify, we offer a variety of services to improve user experience at your website. Contact us today to schedule a free strategy call.

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