As business leaders, we have one ultimate goal that drives everything we do — to convert leads into paying customers.

When conversions fall short who or what’s to blame? Copywriters? Marketing? Sales? Customer Support?

It may not be what you think.

According to eConsultancies annual conversion rate optimization report, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their websites’ conversion rate. But what if it’s your website that’s blocking conversions left and right? Your modern web design may look sleek but could be killing your conversion rate.

Stop wasting money trying to patch your conversion leaking website with bubble gum. Let’s look at what may be causing that leak. Let’s fix it once and for all.

One of these 5 modern web design mistakes may be killing your conversion rate.

No Written Style Guide

You’ll know these sites when you see them — or maybe you won’t. That’s because, without a style guide, it’s hard to know if you’re still on the business’ website or not.

These sites are defined by use of dozens of different fonts and colors, inconsistent formatting, and various navigation types. Why is this bad for conversions?

You’re missing opportunities to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Entice them to click through
  • Funnel them to your contact/sales page

On top of this, you’re giving the impression that you don’t have your act together.

Fix it by developing a written style guide and make sure all designers and copywriters know how to use it.

Distracting Animations

Don’t get us wrong. They look awesome.

But they distract the visitor from the purpose of the site in addition to potentially impacting your page load time — both terrible for conversions.

You can fix this by using animations sparingly. Make sure they add real value to the site.

Weird Navigation

Don’t get creative with navigation. Visitors should instinctively know where the contact and pricing buttons are. They shouldn’t be hidden in the copy or at the bottom of the page.

With so many options for modern web design today, you may want to experiment. But this isn’t the way to do it. How can you fix this? By keeping navigation simple and user-friendly.

Don’t put the menu in a strange location.

Amazing Designs that Don’t Work on Mobile

It doesn’t matter how amazing your design is if it looks crazy on mobile.

80% of Internet users now own a smartphone.

Google basically punishes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. This will destroy your conversion rate. How to fix it? By testing your site on mobile devices. Adjust image sizes, remove elements that don’t render well and make sure text reads well on devices. Simplify the design.

Lack of Design in Your Modern Web Design

With so many do-it-yourself web design templates, it’s easy to create your own website. This issue arises when you start trying to organize plugins, images, video and text on the page.

It can end up looking overcrowded and disorganized. It’s hard for customers to figure out why they’re here and what you want them to do. The site ends up looking like just another poorly designed site.

And worst of all — these sites don’t convert well.

How to fix it? You should hire a professional to design your web page. Customers today have high standards. You need a web design that’s not just search engine optimized; it’s conversion rate optimized.

Don’t miss another conversion because of a poorly designed site.

Find out what we can do to optimize your conversions through modern web design.

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