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In today’s world, the problem that most people face is getting traffic for their website and their online store. In fact, without traffic, your website won’t gain the attention it deserves, and you won’t be able to meet the metrics you are striving for, such as conversions into sales and revenue.

But how can you draw traffic to your site?

If you are not a seasoned SEO expert, drawing traffic to your site may feel overwhelming because of the gazillions options that are easily available on the internet. Confusion over which strategy to use to drive the traffic to your site and if it will bear any fruits also makes it harder for site owners to make an informed decision.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most effective strategies that we have tested on our site and proved that they produce results. Here is a pick of our 10 simple strategies that can boost your website traffic overnight.

  1. Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site

    Understanding SEO is a must if you want your website to have any considerable authority on the search engines.

    SEO strategy is the heavy lifting you must do for your site to get discovered by your potential clients or visitors. While implementing an SEO strategy, you don’t actually need to bend the rules because most strategies are offered freely by search engines such as Google, which forms a huge chunk of the organic traffic that most websites receive.

    A good SEO strategy is also an assurance that if all else fails, you will still be getting constant traffic from your organic traffic. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing for your site to get traction in traffic.

  2. Have quality content for your site

    In SEO, we say that content is king for a reason. If a website has quality content, your first-time visitors turn into regular visitors, hence growing an audience for your site.

    For online stores, developing content for your store can also help boost traffic to your site and increase conversion rate by creating funnels.


  3. Having a well-designed website that is mobile-friendly

    Search engines now have a requirement that your site must be user-friendly and offer optimal user experience. Websites that have huge loading times, poorly designed, non-responsive and those that have high bounce rates are punished by search engines by having their content de-ranked from search engines.

    Therefore, it is important to ensure that your website is well designed and responsive while still being able to meet all the functionalities you intend to have.


  4. Add SSL certificate to your site

    Anybody who is not new to the internet has been prompted by a warning from their browser warning them that the website they are about to visit may be unsafe, and therefore they should not enter their credentials. This measure is meant to protect web users’ information from malicious sites.

    However, not all of these sites that get flagged are malicious, and your website may fall victim to such warnings if it does not have an SSL certificate. If you browse your site and find that it has an http:// instead of https//, please consider having an SSL certificate on your site.

    It is common knowledge that safe websites are more likely to be promoted by search engines than sites without the https security feature.


  5. Create a Google My Business Account

    If you are a local small business, consider having a Google My Business Account to take advantage of localized search engine results. For instance, when searching for the nearest restaurants, users can enter a ‘restaurant near me’ query on their search engines. Google is able to detect where the user is typing from and offer options with the nearest restaurants in the area. If you have a Google My Business Account with your restaurant registered in the same vicinity as the search result, then your website is pushed up and potential clients are able to see your website and local business.


  6. Email marketing campaigns

    Another great way of ensuring that your website has constant traffic from your previous visitor is by creating an emailing list, which you can use to send the latest content on your website straight to your visitors’ email inbox.

    Research also shows that clients who receive an email from a brand or a business are 138 percent more likely to spend their money on your site than guest visitors. This means that there are no downsides to keeping an emailing list and using an email marketing strategy to boost your traffic.


  7. Social media presence

    In the modern world, billions of people spend a considerable amount of time on their social media platforms. In fact, over 70 percent of all US citizens have an active social media account. To reach such a huge demographic can result in your site having high traffic.

    Therefore, consider opening social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to advertise your site’s products.


  8. Write guest posts

    Guest posts allow you to connect with potential clients while also increasing your domain authority through a backlink to your site. This strategy, though old, provides value for both website owners, your site and visitors, ensuring that everyone has gained something, with visitors gaining the information they were looking for, website owner getting traffic and you as a guest writer, exposing your content to a wider audience.


  9. Target topics with search traffic potential

    As a blogger, ensure that you write content that interests the users and that has a wider audience. You should use Google Trends to determine the type of content users are looking for and focus on creating valuable content on that topic.

    You should also research the keywords used in your content. Some keywords, though they might be tempting to write about, are not worth it because nobody will read them or find your blog. Therefore, it is important to research the topics that might interest your users to ensure that you keep them interested in visiting your site regularly.


  10. Advertise your site

    Your last line of defense, when all else has failed, should be to advertise your website. Luckily, the cost of advertisement, especially using Google and social media platforms such as Facebook, has significantly gone down and you can get started with as low as $200 and still manage to get good traffic to your site.


Boosting your traffic website can certainly feel overwhelming but know that you’re not alone. Partnering with an experienced website company can help protect you and provide the best experience for your users. Contact us today for free tips on how to boost your web traffic consultation.