Wichita Designs has been Wichita’s go-to source for custom website design and development for over a decade. We’ve helped businesses small and large, from aviation and financial institutions, to restaurants and health care professionals, and everything in between.

If your website isn’t designed and optimized properly, then you are missing sales that you don’t even know about. Let’s turn this around.

Most companies think that simply having an online presence is enough, as if the mere presence of the website will drive positive consumer behavior.

Why waste the opportunity? No matter how mature your business strategy, we have the design optimization and execution to take you to the next level. Once we are done, you will not only have an online presence; you will have a full online marketing campaign that keeps on giving.

Lead generation

Lead generation

We work with you to understand your target market and your business philosophy, and we translate those thoughts into a full online experience for your customers. We not only design your site, we help optimize your marketing campaign using email and Facebook. The result?

Higher conversion rates

Get more customers

The story that your website tells will have a very happy ending for you: more sales.

Precision analysis

Precision analysis

We will give you a monthly analysis tracking site visitors and conversions. Understanding these statistics will help us to create an even more streamlined, effective strategy next month.

Strategized business growth

Strategized business growth

A great story and a proactive web presence puts you at the cause, rather than the effect, of the market. Forget crossing your fingers waiting for good press or some celebrity to recommend you – take action and grow your business on your terms with your website and story!

Our Wichita web design clients are thrilled with their results.


“You have made the process of managing our website so much easier. Your attention to detail and quick turnaround time is unparalleled.”

Heather Rice
Assistant Vice President of Marketing
Wichita Federal Credit Union


“They had a solution for every problem, and they invested their time into making our website design exactly what we wanted.”

Amanda Ibarra
Business Development Coordinator
Heartland Cardiology


“You won’t find a more dedicated team who’s sole purpose is to get it right for the client. Bottom line is that your business will grow with Wichita Designs on your side.”

Glenn Clark
Ultra Cave


“I felt like they cared about my success and this proved true during the whole design process.”

Adam Gragg
Decide Your Legacy

Site Development that Helps Wichita Business Grow.

So, how do we make good on creating a story and optimizing your design? What does that all mean?

Let’s keep it simple: We start with a belief in you. You know your market, but you may not know how to translate your thoughts into a website that is clear, straightforward and fun. You may also underestimate the true power of what a clear, fun website can do, and that’s okay; we are discovering you, just as you are discovering web design. Our discovery discussions will soon become a marketing strategy that includes web design, optimization and analysis.

We will combine your knowledge of the market with our knowledge of effective design. We will show you what is working for your competition and how you can break into the market. We will introduce you to tools like UX, SEO and the power of great copy. The right strategy in Wichita could pay off for years, and we create the investment that will pay off.

Wichita Web Design Services:

Web Design

We can see your design through from beginning to end if you have no in-house help, or we can simply design the professional deliverables for your team to code.

Responsive Web Design

2016 was the first year that mobile sales outpaced desktop sales. We ensure that your site looks just as good on iPhones and Androids as it does on laptops – for no additional cost.

WordPress Integration

As the premier content management system on the market, WordPress is all about control. We can create a WordPress site for you that requires no coding at all. In fact, we give you a written manual telling you everything you need to know to fire us after the initial design if you want!

E-Commerce Web Design

We design a clear, straightforward sales funnel that leads your customer gently through the sale. You will also be able to manage your own shipping and inventory from an intuitive user interface.

Website Copywriting

Good copy engages your human visitors and gives you visibility on Google. We help you here as well; we provide keyword research and dynamic content that will help you place.

Search Engine Optimization

What good is your incredible site if no one sees it? In the wake of the cultural failure of traditional advertising, SEO is the single-most important marketing technique for your company to utilize. We help you create a strategy that is localized to Wichita.

Domain Name Registration

We help you solidify the right domain name and hosting plan.

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Wichita, Derby, Haysville, Andover, El Dorado, Goddard, Maize, Valley Center, Newton, Pratt, Hutchinson, Salina, Topeka